Gasket Estimating Program

The Gasket Estimating Program is a powerful tool for gasket fabricators.  By bringing high level material utilization functionality together with SQL databasing of your materials, the GEP provides a web-based pricing program that can be accessed 24/7/365 by your team anywhere and on any device with internet access.

The GEP can store your entire catalog of materials in one place for quick access to pricing information to streamline your quoting process.  However, we all know material cost is just the beginning of the pricing process.  The GEP also integrates labor/production costs based on the actual production capabilites of your business, along with simple shipping and handling adders, and various methods for applying discounts for scrap/centers.  In other words, the GEP provides a centralized and repeatable method for quickly and easily generating quotes for your customers.

Additionally, the GEP is highly customizable.  You establish the manufacturing centers and their associated costs as well as the desired profit margins.  This means that you can rest assured knowing that your pricing will consistently fall in line with your overall business objectives.  This is the pricing tool you have been looking for!

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